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Hiring Tips & Trends

Recruiting through Professional Associations
Having a hard time finding the right candidates for your job opening? Find out how becoming involved in your industry's professional associations can help you recruit talented workers.

How To Interview Candidates, Part 1: Preparation & Interviewing Tips
An effective job interview process is important in finding the best employees. Learn tips on how to prepare for interviews.

How To Interview Candidates, Part 2: The Interview Process & Beyond
Spend time developing your interview process in order to attract the best employees. Click here to get interviewing tips and learn ways to develop your interviewing skills.

How To Interview Candidates, Part 3: Legal Interview Questions & Hiring Guidelines
Fair hiring laws were enacted to give every candidate a fair shake in the interview and selection process.

Meet the Challenge of Technical Recruiting
Technical recruiting demands the participation of both HR professionals and hiring managers/technology experts.

How to Write Effective Online Job Postings
Writing effective online job postings will help to improve the quality of responses you receive. Here are tips on writing job descriptions for when you post jobs online.

Hire Great People: 10 Simple Rules
The best managers hire great people. Here are 10 simple rules on hiring employees that will help you in recruiting the best talent.

Reference Checking: Five Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
Careful reference checking can be one of the most useful hiring tools available to any employer. This article will explain the 5 mistakes to avoid when doing job reference checks.

Boolean Basics for Searching a Resume Database
Searching a resume database can be time-consuming and frustrating. Learn how to narrow your search results by learning basic boolean logic to conduct more advanced searches.

Culture-Based Recruiting: Hire for the Organization, Not Just the Job
Company culture differs widely depending on company. Learn how to actively develop and manage culture through recruitment.

Culture-Based Recruiting, Part Two: Identify How Your Company Is Different
Learn how to identify aspects of company culture that can be used in efforts to more effectively attract, select and retain candidates.

Culture-Based Recruiting, Part Three: Use Culture to Attract and Select Candidates
After a company has identified the distinguishing features of its culture, the next step is to leverage these features to improve recruiting effectiveness.


Why Good Employees Leave: Employee Retention Strategies
As the labor market tightens, employee retention becomes an increasingly critical priority.

Strategies for Healthcare Retention
Healthcare retention is more important than ever. Learn how to develop your healthcare retention strategies and maintain your healthcare staff.

Check the Job-Hoppers
One of the most frequent, and sometimes overlooked, places to check for warning signs is at the very beginning of the process when candidates are initially screened.

Creating a Telecommuting Strategy
Many employers still have their doubts, but with the right strategy in place, telecommuting can be beneficial to both your company and your employees.

Flexible Work Arrangements Build Loyalty
Many employers around the country are meeting their project deadlines and need for quality by engaging employees in a wide range of nontraditional employment configurations.

Management Best Practices

The Multigenerational Workforce Creates Conflict and Opportunity
You're 38 years old, your assistant is 19, and your boss is 59. Welcome to the multigenerational American workforce!

Managing a Culturally Diverse Staff
Workplaces are becoming more culturally diverse. Learn how managers can embrace the value of diversity.

Supreme Court Age-Bias Ruling
Workers can now sue employers whose policies discriminate on the basis of age, even if the policy isn't discriminatory on its face.

Ward Off Meeting Vampires
They can suck the life out of any room. Slay potential work annoyances and improve your meetings with these tips.

How To Effectively Manage Worker Knowledge
Read about Monster's nationwide study of Human Resources (HR) managers that reveals their attitudes, challenges and methods for managing worker knowledge.

Baby Boomers: After all these years, still the trend-setters?
Ever the trend-setters, Baby Boomers are now looking to reinvent retirement. See how this new trend will create a generational shift and redefine the workplace.

Conflict in the Workplace -- Bring Bickering Employees Together
If you're looking to curb chronic fighting, backstabbing and other crimes against the team, just remember: Getting people to make nice needs to be a long-term project.

Help Soldiers Get Back to Work
The transition from battlefield to workplace can be fraught with difficulties not addressed in any policy manual.

Monster Webinars

Knowledge Retention in the Age of the Brain Drain
When top performers leave, many times for a competitor, they often take their knowledge with them. Learn how to stop this brain drain, courtesy of Monster Intelligence.

HR Transformation v2.0: It's All About the Business
In this webinar, Mercer executives discuss their global study on the state of HR transformation.

Talent Tsunami
This webinar explores the shifting balance of power from employer to individual, how to be well positioned in this war for talent, and how to engage and retain skilled talent.

Monster Info

Monster's Security Initiatives: Safeguarding Our Users and Your Investment
Online security is a top priority at Monster. Read about initiatives that continuously combat fraud, deter unauthorized users and protect our customers and site visitors.

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