Discover and connect with qualified candidates who have been automatically matched, ranked and scored based on your requirements.



Monster’s most advanced CV search tool is packed with features to streamline the way you search, review and connect with candidates.

Why Choose Us?

Find The Talent You Need
Candidates who match your requirements with precise filtering, from our active CV database.
Get New Talent Alerts
Receive notifications of new candidates who match your saved search criteria. Active, fresh candidates who are ready to move.
See The Best Talent first
Smart technology prioritises who you spend your credits and time connecting with, hire faster, hire better, save money.
A Better Experience
A single, easy to navigate Interface helps recruiters better connect with candidates with less frustration, risk and training.
Candidate Engagement
Message multiple candidates in targeted campaigns directly from tools built into the UI.
Performance Insights
Campaign analytics help you continuously understand how candidates engage with your outreach.

Need further information?

You can take a look at our quick reference guide and credit system overview.

SearchMonster is offered in following variants:

50 credits
1500 CZK
Annual access
100 credits
2500 CZK
Annual access
500 credits
5500 CZK
Annual access
1000 credits
10000 CZK
Annual access

SearchMonster SMS feature will be available starting November 2019.