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Monster is more than just advertising jobs or searching CVs. We support you to ensure that you succeed in recruiting the right candidate for the role as efficiently as possible.

Featured products

Job Posting

Advertise your job to thousands of targeted job seekers and get qualified responses the same day!

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Single job posting
3 150 Kč

Resume Search

Take control of your candidate search using the Web's largest resume database. Handpick candidates that meet your needs today.

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4 000 Kč

Monster Media Solutions

Pinpoint your candidates with strategic, targeted ad placements on Monster

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HR solutions

Optimization of HR processes, recruitment solutions designed to fit exactly your needs, that´s what Monster Solutions offer.

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Two Professional Employees

Monster online training

A place to find expert advice and tools to help make recruitment easier.

Two Professional Employees

Find the right hiring solution!

We offer a wide range of hiring solutions that fit exactly your needs!

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