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Nabídka 2017

Be visible!
Advertise on social media
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Social Job Ad

Take your recruiting to a whole new level with ads, which are completely automatic and targeted on relevant candidates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Companies are stating, that nearly 60 % of their most relevant candidates were found through social media. Monster Social Job Ad is unique and great opportunity thanks to targeting your ads on active and even passive candidates present on social media. Ideal candidates, that do not actively search for job (and wouldn't see your ad anywhere else), are now in your scope!

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12 months
19 000 CZK
Company Profile
- be more visible on job market
- build your brand
- grow traffic on your job ads
- be more transparent to candidates

Provide your candidates detailed insight to your company via Company profile. Input your Facebook and Twitter feeds, photos and other interesting info about your company! Important element is all of your job ads present on profile.
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Premium package
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Premium Job Ad
Candidates today aren’t waiting to be found. They’re interacting with brands and businesses that interest them. If you want to engage with them, you need to connect with them where they already are.
Monster Premium Job Ads let you reach candidates on social platforms and hundreds of sites where they spend their time. One post targets qualified candidates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and is delivered to 900+ job sites.

Product available soon
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1 month
7 900 CZK
Branding Package
- great opportunity for branding and advertising your company
- package includes logo a banner 300x300 on our homepage

Put your company ad on website, which has 129 000 unique visits monthly. Relevant visitors, who are actively looking for jobs.

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