Talent Sourcing

Get your candidates from the whole labour market, win the PASSIVE candidates for your company!
  • Not enough time and resources?
  • In need of a quick yet good solution?
Talent Sourcing

When you’re looking for the perfect candidate for the job, it often takes up more time than is actually available to you. That is where we come in. We, as experienced recruitment experts, can make the difference. By offering different customized solutions, WE can give you back YOUR time…

Thanks to our long-term experience we know exactly how to recruit precisely. Are you searching candidates for your offices in other countries? Or do you consider to get foreign candidates for your Czech office? We have solution!

Regarding Talent Sourcing service all relevant job posting is included!

We can (re)write and post your job ad all over Europe. And of course with the attention it needs to accomplish the highest return on investment. With all this we give you our full commitment and expertise internationally! Attract the best candidates from the whole world with Monster!

  • We (re)write and post your job ad.
  • We support the job posting with as many additional media services as required to guarantee the best results
  • We search all relevant the CV databases
  • We deal with all applications coming in and screen the CV´s
  • Telephonic interview the best candidates for you
  • Reject the unsuitable candidates.
  • You will be only presented with the best fitting talent.
  • Your organization will get the full benefit and commitment of our recruiter!
  • This service is available for 30 days per role
  • Only the candidates who perfectly fit are introduced to you.

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